Saturday, 23 January 2010


Gosh, two posts in one day!! As I'm in the process of moving things around the house I thought I'd share this doll with you. she came to mind as I have just signed my daughter and I up for this years race for life....An all womens 5km run in aid of cancer research. You can read the details here

Sadly, I have lost my two best friends to the beast, both were Godmothers to my daughter Alice. At the time Jayne Louise gave me this doll, an original sculpture made by her in porcelain. I still have the mould and permission to reproduce 20 of this doll called 'Lucy'. I still don't have the heart at this stage but perhaps soon with so many worthy causes out there.........
Another dear friend, Dorothea, found this box and decorated it to keep 'Lucy' in for Alice. She decorated it with pictures of both Jeanine and Jayne and put a little page inside the satchel on the doll to Alice.

She is very precious to us both, and we will be running (or in my case walking!)on the 4th July in the race for life in memory of dear friends lost too early.
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