Saturday, 27 February 2010

And it's nearly March already!!

After one of those insomniac nights I have a notebook full of random thoughts and another day of lifting and carrying ahead of me. I started to move my 'stuff' into my new workroom and quite depressingly it looks a real mess already and I haven't even started on the sewing things yet and the fabric stash! The good thing about this process is at least I know now what I actually have and I can dispose of the stuff I no longer need or want.

My biggest problem right now is finding someone to help me lay the paving and get my sheds built. The poor old tent that is a temporary store is giving up the ghost, the gaffer tape holding the torn fabric together is struggling!

But....Spring has to be round the corner, at least the snowdrops tell me the weather can only get better!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Moving furniture in.......

I spent today finally moving furniture into my new work room. I haven't begun to sort out the mess and actually moving in 'the stuff' there is still dust everywhere and tomorrow will have to be a cleaning day in my living room. I hadn't appreciated just quite how much art 'stuff' Alice and I have accumulated and I found a drawerful of videos, now to find someone who still has a video and who would appreciate them!

A day out.......

As a compromise to my daughter I agreed to take her to Brighton for the day to meet with her friend. It's a long story and not one to bother you with here! so I was left to entertain myself for a few hours, and had a great time wandering around Brighton Pavilion, updating myself on the history of George IV, notorious for his lavish lifestyle but also for his interest in art and architecture.

I hadn't appreciated the amazing decor of the place, mostly the English view of Chinese art, and the most amazing chandelier in the Dining room.

And what did I buy in the gift shop? not the book I intended with a more accurate history of the Pavilion or pictures (photography was not allowed)but a book on Dragonology! A beautiful book, and one I will treasure, still a self indulgent day and a worthwhile visit.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Kung Hay Fat Choy!

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and welcome the year of the Tiger.

Friday, 5 February 2010


Well the building is finished and I have spent the last two days painting walls and ceilings and still walls to do! After that it's floor to be laid, skirting boards to be painted and fixed and then there is the daunting task of moving furniture and moving the contents of my current workroom...oh joy!

On top of all that I've had the joy of saying a very firm NO to my pre teen who thinks she's old enough to do anything! I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going to survive the next 5 years or so, is this normal?

Desperately wanting to sit and relax and sew something! Our doll club have decided to do the little Kestner googly for this years project she is a little sweety and a great little doll for beginners to do. I think I'm going to enjoy this one!

My reproduction Kestner 221 googly in her petticoat and wanting a new dress!