Saturday, 23 August 2008

And we're away again!!

It hardly seams like any time at all and we're packing up to go away again, this time for the annual camping trip to Polzeath for sea and surf, not sure we'll get the sun though. So it'll be quiet on here for another week but then it will be back to school and routine and hopefully I can get some doll work done to show off...........

Thursday, 21 August 2008

And more dolls

With the designer of the Madame Alexander Company.

Alice did rather well at the childrens tea party, we had to buy another suitcase to get all the dolls she was given home!

And to the dolls.....

These wonderful doll were wax over porcelain and such whimsical characters, I could have taken them all home.

These were the best carved wood dolls I have ever seen, they really held my attention

I didn't manage to get many photos from the UFDC convention so will have to wait for the published ones. But, here are some of the wonderfu artist dolls that caught my eye at the Washington show.......

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Great Plans.......

The view from our hotel room in Las vegas, I was just itching to get up into those mountains!

In front of the bellagio, the half hourly fountain displays were quite something.

One of the benefits of getting away, is to just get some time and think! my brain has been working overtime just lately and busy formulating a plan. I have several new ideas for classes which will be top of the range and a plan to build a new workshop in my garden...I have the space and i'm sure its 'doable' with the right input of energy. I've given myself today and tomorrow to get on top of the disorder that was in this house before we left for the states, because housework will definately not be figuring in my plans for the future!
Our souvenir picture, just for fun...didn't make any big winnings on the slot machines though!!
And there had to be at least one Elvis!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Well we got back....still a bit jet lagged, but a wonderful time was had by both of us. So many dolls to see, Las Vegas is a town that has to be visited by everyone at least once and the Grand Canyon is my most favourite place in the world.

Alice and I at the Hoover Dam

Alice at the Bellagio looking out to the Paris

I still need to sort out all the pictures but will post more here, so watch this space......