Sunday, 30 December 2007

Ready for the New Year?

I hope everyone has had a very Happy festive season.....hectic here, but finally a bit of time to reorganise the thoughts and continue with the plans!! well we shall see.............
The Brus have been fires now need to concentrate on the painting. The Tonner dolls still hasn't arrived so I am beginning to stress a little on this one. I've made the hat and drafted the pattern but still need the actual doll to fit.

While the guest were here over Christmas I have managed to snatch a bit of time to begin the serious update on the Southern Belles website, then I'll look at my own and try and bring it up to date. But it all takes time..........

Sunday, 2 December 2007

As i write the casts are poured and are drying out now. I'm very tempted to start cleaning but that's how it goes. SO..........

- The Bru project is underway
- The Robert Tonner design is begun and I sourced the fabrics yesterday. I'm a little stuck with this one until the doll arrives from the Tonner company, I hope its not too long as the time scale is tight on this one. I still need to source the straw braid for the hat but until the doll arrives and I know what colour hair she has I can't make a decision on colour.
- The last of the Christmas bear kits are done
- I'm just getting the designs for the AGM project sorted out now and hopefully I can start printing the fabric during the week

Its all go right now!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Its finally arrived!

I now have the mould to make the small 12" Bru on the chevrot leather body. We already have the 24" Bru which is the right size but so many people want to make the smaller doll.....I've gone with the flow!
I will get to work on the sample as soon as possible so she is ready for the project class to start after Christmas. Watch this space!

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Well, the 11+ tests are over and we can now forget it for good!! I've managed to make up another 6 souvenir bears but that is really it. there will be no more. I've got some ideas for the AGM workshop just need to experiment a bit with that. Still waiting for the Tonner doll to arrive so that I can really get going on that. She will have to be returned to the states by 31st january so will really need to get a move on when she does arrive. I need to source some more pink straw tape for her hat as I don't have any left.
The next big thing is to get my workroom tidied up so I can get on a bit more efficiently!!

Saturday, 24 November 2007

This is a bit 'Off topic' but my daughter is sitting her 11+ right this minute and I am feeling for her. Makes the concentration to get on with my own projects a bit more difficult to manage!!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Well, I seam to have reached one of those much to do but where to start? It appears the Christmas project went down well with the doll club and i have to make at least 6 more. I'll aim for 10 but then that will have to be it. I have another workshop to put together for the January meeting following the AGM.....still thinking about that one. The Tonner doll has to be finished and returned to the USA by 31st January, that will be a tight one as i haven't received the doll to dress yet. The Bru moulds are on their way and should be here tomorrow. I'm hoping to have the Bru workshop all sorted by the New year. I think a plan of action is needed especially as a short spell in hospital is probably going to happen in the next two months and then of course there is Christmas to fit in too............
What fun!!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

UFDC Tonner design competition

I'm really excited! I just got notification that i am one of the 21 shortlisted candidates for the UFDC Souvenir Tonner doll competition. How cool is that! I shall be receiving my Tonner doll soon to dress and return for judging........pleased with myself!!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Introducing Rosie - Leigh

Introducing Rosie - Leigh. Produced in resin by Hildegard Gunzel for the Brighton Doll festival. She is a limited edition of 150 and this one is personally signed. I bought this one for Alice as she is beginning to get quite discerning about her collection and she is a very pretty doll as well!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

I'm wearing my poppy today. For all those defending what they believe in

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Project two is still ongoing, its taking longer is this one is only for me i suppose. She will be finished soon though. Wig, and then a magnificent hat, and finally shoes.

Two more designs I came up with for the souvenir bear. It is quite fun finding ways of using the printed fabric but there is a cost and that is to use the old printer that you don't need to print out your best photos on. The cheaper substitute inks are in fact better for printing on fabrics, they are a little harsher I think which is good as subtlety is lost on a heavier fabric.

Friday, 9 November 2007

And for new projects (they keep coming!)

The Southern Belles (an old site designed and managed by me but in desperate need of time) are coming up to the November meeting which means the Christmas workshop. This year we have come up with a little teddy bear made out of specially printed fabric with the Southern Belles logo and Christmas 2007 as a sort of souvenir for the year. Glad to say I'm up and running on this one, fabric printed and 22 bears cut out and sewn ready for everyone to finish for themselves. Whilst I've been doing this I've been thinking about other uses for specially printed fabrics.........another angle?
Project one is done and dusted. It was a very successful weekend and all enjoyed themselves. you can see pictures at .Lesley and I were kept very busy from the when we set foot in the hotel but it was great fun and a priveledge to participate in the judging of the competition.

Back to the Works in progress!

Project Three is still ongoing. seam to have come to a standstill. What i intend to do is work through the book again actually making the doll and taking the photos as I go. trouble is, i get carried away and forget to take the photos!!
The 'Robie' book is printed and selling. We're quite proud of that one.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Works in progress

Well, where does one start when one is expert in the art of procrastination! Ideas come a flooding and creation begins, but to get it finished?
I currently have several projects underway. I thought that if I shared these with you, it would give me the incentive to get finished!!

Project One
To finish preparing kits and worksheets for the Brighton doll festival in 6 weeks time. This should be a great event which I am seriously looking forward to. check it out

Project Two
24" Jumeau Arielle. Her outfit is nearly done but have to make a wig and shoes which I keep putting off (Not so keen on wig making!)

Project Three
Finish the dream Baby workbook, its almost done but have to get more photos up together