Sunday, 27 June 2010

Where did June go?

I'm sorry I have neglected to post recently but my excuse is that we have had a flurry of activity, and that wasn't craft related either!

It was mega excitement in this house as the 13th birthday approached.......where did my little girl go? now a teenager! But we had a lovely party, a gaggle of 13 year old girls and a few of my trusty friends
Cutting the cake.....
And toasting marshmallows.......

And this weekend it was the birthday treat proper, a trip to Earls Court for the clothes show. Alice learned what 'shop till you drop' really meant and I felt very reassured that it really is OK to NOT be a dedicated follower of fashion. The catwalk show was very good and there was plenty of eye candy to look at!!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

And a quick little project......

A friend asked me to redress this little doll for her which I believe is going to be used as a prop in a film next year. The brief was to replicate her existing costume but in a specific material that I was given. It was fun to do......just hope she is what is wanted!
In her new underwear
And redressed!

It has been a beautiful weekend but not a great deal of progress on the clearing up front! We decided to finish half term week with the Salisbury festival finale in the Cathedral grounds, fun times, good friends and party atmosphere! Needless to say I had one very tired girl this morning after her adventure week at PGL and late last night at the Cathedral.

The Cathedral grounds always seam so peaceful even when there is a live band playing and hundreds of people! I guess we are lucky to have such a wonderful place so close.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I have my shed!!

It's amazing how excited one can get over the arrival of a shed! My shed is up and I had the day off today so I now have all my doll moulds in one place and out of the porch and the hallway and
every other nook and cranny in the house! As for the cleaning, well that will have to wait!

Will sort out the contents of the tent on friday then I can get rid of that and mow the grass, wow any recommendations to improve the energy levels??