Saturday, 26 April 2008

Look what I found......

Well it's been a reasonable day today, the weather has been wonderful and I began a sort of tidy up in the garage.....I had to, to get the lawn mower out to cut the grass! the back garden was beginning to look more like a meadow than a lawn, still, grass is cut and everything looks much better! During my rummage in the garage I found this little pram that Alice had when she was tiny. The poor thing was covered in cobwebs and muck but otherwise I reckon it can be fully restored....another thing on the list of things to do!
The rest of the day has been spent working on my little box project for Kipper crafts....can't show you pictures just yet I want it to be a surprise!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Cherry Blossom

Haven't got much to show you craftwise today....its been a long day at work! but had to show you my cherry blossom, it always feels like Spring is well and truly here when its out. This is the view I have from my workroom and i love it!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

A better day!!

Well I finally managed to sort the workroom out a bit, i've given myself some clear space and I have a list of things to do.....but sorted into boxes so I can work on one thing at a time.

During my grand tidy up I came across a few little treasures that I had forgotten about. one was this lovely little kimono, I made this on one of the doll conventions that I attended a few years ago, but as usual I didn't get it finished then and it has been laid away unfinished since. I have a little doll in mind for this and I intend to finish this with a little obi and make a Japanes doll to go with some of the others that I have.

I also came across this little sewing bag that I made as a Southern Belles project some years ago. I would like to tweak my own design a bit and make a few sewing sets.....somebody might like them enough to buy one!!

The best news is that confirmation of my place at the UFDC convention in Las Vegas has arrived! My daughter and I are going to have the holiday of a lifetime, hopefully the flights will be confirmed soon and we're all set......but to the competition. one of the sections is for costuming so i have to enter. This little doll is an antique K*R 126 he needs a new costume of his watch this space and see what I come up with, I know what I would like him to look like......

And finally the challenge from Kipper Workshops through Crafts Forum....the box has arrived, Steve would like us to decorate the box in our own style and report back exactly what we did....I've got a good idea for this I think.........

Oh what fun.....better get round to sorting out more often!!

Friday, 18 April 2008

I have today to sort out the mess!

I have at least got today to sort out what is loosely called the 'workroom' which at the moment looks more like a junk room. The problem is having too many projects on the go and projects that require very different work spaces for them, like the costuming and the painting.

Right now i have a lot of painting to do which really needs a clean dust free space, so to the task in hand........hope fully I shall have some different pictures to show you later in the day.

But, in amongst the chaos.....the usual morning walk with the dog was lovely as the sun was breaking through the mist, I tried to capture it on my mobile phone but it was a lovely sight walking through the cattle field.....

Monday, 14 April 2008

I went shopping.....

I looked in on Hobbycraft yesterday. It was very busy and every type of kit imaginable was available for anyone to try out new crafts. I didn't buy much as i did think the prices were very high but i did pick up a few little gems.....though not sure quite what i'm going to do with them!These little pots and buckets are just right size wise and i'm sure i can incorporate them into a display one day. The card trunks will convert nicely in to trouseau boxes for my lady dolls.
And I got a metre of 16 count aida for half price......should of got some more really but I do have enough for the cross stitch I want to do at the moment.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Good Morning!

It's Sunday morning and not a lot to show you on the WIP front. My daughter returned from her few days in Disneyland having had a wonderful time. but it meant I was unable to go to the monthly Southern Belles meeting, so looking forward to next month now.

The work room is still dreadfully untidy and there are too many things on the go.

I plan on visiting my friend in Bournemouth today and I will look in on hobbycrafts on the way, haven't been there in a long while so just to look around.......

Back to the lists......

1. the Bru's need some more painting and the bodies constructed although all the parts are sorted and ready to go.

2. The heubach heads are part painted, i do need to sort out bodies. i have the 10" ones but need an 11" and a 13" which i may or may not have in my stash in the loft.

3. A grand tidy of the workroom is probably highest on the agenda, then I might actually be able to get on with the above.

Oh! and did I mention.....we're definately going to Las Vegas in the Summer!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Some of the painting done!

Its been a long week at work which has cut into the uninterupted painting time but I have at least done some, so the Bru heads can go into the kiln for a second firing....probably two more to go. I also need to find some time to visit the supplier and get some clear glaze which I had forgotten I'd run out of.

Its the Southern Belles doll club monthly meeting this Saturday but unfortunately I shan't be able to go, school holidays! Jean is presenting a pattern for the underwear for the little 'Henri' doll which is the project doll for this year. That means I really must get on with the Heubach dolls!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

It Snowed!

It never snows in Salisbury........ but it looked lovely this morning a sprinkling of snow that is fast disappearing now but I enjoyed my walk with the dogs this morning.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

I made these dolls many moons ago, infact the doll in red won me my first gold rosette at the GDS regional event in London in 1990....and the one in white won me a silver at Santa Fe in 1994!

It has been a lovely day today and I've had all day on my own to really get on with things........BUT don't seam to have managed that much. My sitting room is all 'sparkly' cos i cleaned (just the rest of the house to go!!) I did do a bit of painting but somehow that wasn't doing much, actually I might be able to fire tomorrow so not too bad I suppose.

I have been thinking about Peter much of the day. The funeral was lovely and Peter would have approved but life goes on.........

Hope fully I might get something to show tomorrow.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Nearly there.......

It's been a bit of a day again, with visits to the doctor and juggling things at work. But..nothing serious and I am getting on with the class worksheets. Baby dolls are back on the agenda and strangely a lot of people want to make the Kaiser baby. I love him to bits but he is also one of those dolls that some people can't bear to look at!

First firing is underway for the small Bru and some other bits and pieces. Still a lot of painting to do and with interupted days its going to be a long job.

Sewing classes nearly ready to go, still need to make up more samples but i can sort of do that as I go along, just a few weeks ahead of the students.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Unfinished embroidery project

I started this when Alice was
a baby....she's now ten and a half!. There are three more pictures to stitch but then what? I really am not sure what would be the best way to mount them for display.... so any suggestions gratefully recieved!

Three Generations....or is it Four?

From top to Bottom: My Great Grandma Susan Isabella, My Mum, Shirley Winnifred x2 and Me aged 8.

It looks like I'm just avoiding the task in hand....again! I recently sorted out some pictures and found these. Can you see a family likeness? I have given them to my good friend Dorothea to work her magic in a picture frame of some sort. I think my grandma would be pleased.