Friday, 23 May 2008

Finally started!!

Before carpet up..

I've been wanting to start decorating my hall for some time. I started today and pulled the carpet up finally. I'm really pleased to find the original 1929 tiles all still in good condition. I also managed to get rid of all the extra coats and bits of things that seam to clutter up a hallway. Tomorrow i will start the huge job of preparing the walls and sanding the woodwork....all six panelled doors and the stair case....years of layer on layer of old lead paint, what fun!

I might finally get this house decorated in time to start all over again!

Carpet up showing original tiles.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Works in progress

I did manage to have a bit of time in my workroom today. I sewed the little collar for my little boys outfit and made him his shorts. They fit quite nicely. They still need buttonholes made in them and he needs his hat, socks and shoes....still quite a long way to go!

I also decided on my design for these cardboard trunks which are eventually going to be two lady doll trousseaux with all the bits....A long job I know but at least the first coat of paint is on!!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Thank goodness it's Friday..........

It has been a really long week this week and next week doesn't look like getting any better. I just wish I didn't need the day job to pay the bills!!

Today was my day off and instead of the housework I decided to spend today working on the photo collage that I wanted to do as a souvenir gift for my daughters friend as it is her birthday next week. The photos were from their trip to Disneyland back in April

It took me a long time to edit the photos I wanted to use and then arrange them to fit the frame but here it is.........

I hope she likes it.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Work in Progress......

The weather has been so glorious there has been more to do outside and very little time to sit in the workroom.......

The task for today, if I get the energy together is to sand my garden benches down and repaint them for the summer, poor things are showing the signs of a wet summer last year and the winter months but the wood is still sound, so to the rescue........

I've managed to get on with the little shirt for my antique K*R126, just need to finish his collar and that bit is done.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Bank Holiday, weather and time out!

It has been a lovely weekend. I've managed to get in the garden and begin the great tidy up, the grass is cut and some of the bushes have had a bit of a trim...anyway, it is looking tidier. I've also been managing to get round the house and have a bit of a tidy and now I'm more focused on my list.......

Arrangements for our holiday are sorted!! plans for my competition entries are coming together and I'm beginning to get on top of the rest of the list.......

I've found some lovely white mouseline and fine lace for the top of my boys outfit and some silk wool for his little trousers and hat. I drafted the pattern yesterday and now I'm ready to sew.

Friday, 2 May 2008

It's booked and we're going!! Hooray!

Well I finally managed to book our flights, I'm registered to attend the UFDC convention in Las Vegas this summer, finishing off with the Doll Expo in Washington DC on our way home.
This is going to be the holiday of a lifetime for me and Alice. I get to play dolls at one of the biggest doll conventions in the world and Alice gets to go on some of the biggest rollercoaster rides too. We intend to have some time in los Angeles at the Universal studios and a few days at the Grand Canyon, somewhere I have been before but a place I can't see too much of.

Now I need to seriously work on some competition stuff and get my profile updated......
I'm so excited!!