Thursday, 12 May 2011

What a lovely day............

Birthday flowers.

It's my Birthday, not that I'm counting any more but I have just had a simply lovely day. The weather has been beautiful and sunny despite forecasts for rain. I've been for a lovely long walk with my two favourite boys, I've been rummaging in my fabrics and laces to find the right colour for this 16"Jumeau I made last year, A naughty treat (A custard tart) for lunch and the day isn't over yet, my daughter informs me we have to go to my friends up the road at 5.30 but she won't say why......I've got a pretty good idea though!

I'm so lucky to live right in the English countryside

Alfie did try to bring half a tree home, he was a little upset with me when I made him leave it at the gate!

Barnaby at the watering hole.

16" Jumeau 'Intrepide' ready to dress

This 2 way Thai silk looks lovely on her, matching her eyes just right!

And some antique lace to finish off, looking forward to getting started on designing and making her dress.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


 I am really struggling to get back to normal after our wonderful holiday, so tired and the time is just wizzing by! I did get my goodies that I bought while away into my workroom, no idea what these will end up as but I liked them.......
I think a few oriental doll costumes, or things with an oriental theme!

The Batik will probably decorate some summer outdoor tables when the garden is sorted out.

My biggest sadness at the moment is the loss of the 500 odd photos i took of our holiday, it seams the memory card was corrupted. They are in the hands of an expert right now to see if they can be saved I do hope so........

Monday, 2 May 2011

We're back!!

 I'm so sorry to have been away for so long but we have had such a wonderful time. We've been holidaying in Malaysia but mainly being there for the wedding of my lovely niece Kate to Rowan. Malaysia was the place of choice so that family and friends from both UK and Australia and the Philipines could all be there.Is there a more perfect setting for such a (not so royal ) wedding?

 This is the first of the official photos, we haven't seen any more yet.....I think they will be quite dramatic!
 Proud Grandpa with his two grandaughters, Kate, my sisters daughter, and Alice, my little girl all grown up!

 The island of Langkawi, is simply beautiful.