Saturday, 31 October 2009

All Hallow's Eve........

Well I know people get excited about Halloween, but its not my thing and only celebrated in recent years in this country. My daughter is off to a Halloween party tonight all dolled up in her gothic finery! Actually we did have a bit of fun rummaging in a retro shop in Totnes when we were visiting the grandparents this week, we found a whole load of 70's punk gear...great for Halloween costumes! I bought her an up market black lace ra ra skirt, which I have to admit does look rather good, sad thing is I remember wearing the very same platform shoes the first time around!

But what I have enjoyed today is just looking around and seeing what a beautiful Autumn we are having this year, the colours are wonderful and my back garden is looking suitably wild, will think about clearing leaves another time!

Still collecting Apples from the old tree, but I think they are coming to and end now.

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