Sunday, 13 April 2008

Good Morning!

It's Sunday morning and not a lot to show you on the WIP front. My daughter returned from her few days in Disneyland having had a wonderful time. but it meant I was unable to go to the monthly Southern Belles meeting, so looking forward to next month now.

The work room is still dreadfully untidy and there are too many things on the go.

I plan on visiting my friend in Bournemouth today and I will look in on hobbycrafts on the way, haven't been there in a long while so just to look around.......

Back to the lists......

1. the Bru's need some more painting and the bodies constructed although all the parts are sorted and ready to go.

2. The heubach heads are part painted, i do need to sort out bodies. i have the 10" ones but need an 11" and a 13" which i may or may not have in my stash in the loft.

3. A grand tidy of the workroom is probably highest on the agenda, then I might actually be able to get on with the above.

Oh! and did I mention.....we're definately going to Las Vegas in the Summer!
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