Saturday, 30 October 2010

Autumn Days.....

We're at the end of half term and I have no idea where my week off went! I haven't managed to get into my work room at all, infact there is no room in there at the moment. My house is at least a bit more decluttered and the spare bedroom which is soon to be Alice's room is now completely empty and ready to decorate next week. Now I think I need another week off to get over it all!!
We have had some lovely weather though and some very pleasant walks.
Barnaby having great fun in the fallen leaves

clear blue skies

First frosty morning, the dogs thought it was great, I was thinking it was time to find hats, gloves and scarves

Winter sun

despite it being Autumn everything is still surprisingly green.

Well, it's back to work and school next week so I guess back to some sort of routine and maybe some time for me to work on all the Christmas presents I still want to make.
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