Saturday, 22 May 2010

Such a beautiful day.....

In this part of the world, it seams that nature is catching up with itself and after such a cold winter and spring, it has flipped and it's actually too hot to sit outside! I've been distracted by all sorts of things in the garden, still frustrated at the lack of shed as the grass needs mowing and I can't get the mower out of the tent at the moment, let alone tackle the grass that is growing around the tent! Anyway, we are taking advantage and some good friends will be joining us tomorrow for a barbeque.

I'm supposed to be getting ready for an exhibition next weekend in Bournemouth at Ellie's doll fair. I have at least made a start and laundered all the baby gowns, the sun will do its bit of bleaching!

The lilac blossom has been lovely this year, well actually it has been a good year for the blossom all round
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