Thursday, 7 February 2008

Having spent yesterday mostly trying to update my website and decide what needed doing. I just seam unable to prioritise at the moment! The website is still not as I would like it and my work room is a mess so here is an attempt to look at what projects need to be looked at.....
1. remember the Jumeau? she needs wig and shoes and bonnet finished. I could get on with that and then put her to rest.
2. The Bru project needs a lot of concentration and I'm not sure I have that right now. I also need to clear my painting space too.
3. The Dream Baby book needs revisiting. I don't have the energy for that right now but I've put the large header photo here for a purpose.....It keeps it on the top of the agenda!
4. Summer project - Die schwester and Elsbeth need looking at for a simple project in the Summer - A new venture with my good friend Rose, when we've talked some more I can let you know all about it.

Now to my work room, it needs some serious sorting!
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