Sunday, 5 December 2010

PHEW!! what a few days........

We woke up to this on Thursday morning and of course the schools were shut, much to the childrens delight. It happened to be my day off so everything I had planned, well.............the next day my planned meeting in Chippenham was impossible on icy roads and although the school was open it was a late start, another disrupted day!

But it was very pretty and we really did have a lovely day even though we no longer have any supplies of hot chocolate or the supermarket AGAIN! 

And yesterday we went to Birmingham for the Clothes Show, it was a great day out, the girls were beside themselves with excitement pretty well the whole day. I have to confess that I really still don't quite get it, despite my daughters best efforts! but it was a very good show, even though it was a long drive there and back, and I was grateful that there was a bit of a thaw on the roads.

I enjoyed seeing the famous Gok Wan who happens to be a pretty good entertainer aswell as a fashionista.

And as fashion shows go this one was very upbeat with some good background themes and the dancing was well choreographed too. I enjoyed the whole thing as a good bit of entertainment but I don't think it's going to change my fashion sense, in fact I'm not sure I really noticed the fashion!!  I suspect the girls have already put me down as a lost cause!
Now to some serious Christmas decorations and presents finished and wrapped........
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