Friday, 23 November 2007

Well, I seam to have reached one of those much to do but where to start? It appears the Christmas project went down well with the doll club and i have to make at least 6 more. I'll aim for 10 but then that will have to be it. I have another workshop to put together for the January meeting following the AGM.....still thinking about that one. The Tonner doll has to be finished and returned to the USA by 31st January, that will be a tight one as i haven't received the doll to dress yet. The Bru moulds are on their way and should be here tomorrow. I'm hoping to have the Bru workshop all sorted by the New year. I think a plan of action is needed especially as a short spell in hospital is probably going to happen in the next two months and then of course there is Christmas to fit in too............
What fun!!
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